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On “Diversity”

I think that boosters of “diversity” are thinking only of skin color or race. They are not looking at the bigger picture. It’s not about race or skin color. These are superficial things. Frankly, I cannot understand why so many people are hung up on something that is so superficial. ┬áIt’s about culture, and culture goes all the way to the bone.

Diversity of culture leads to conflict. But “diversity” boosters see any conflict between persons of different skin color as “racist” — at least that’s the charge they level. “You think Obama’s handing of the economy has been poor? You’re a racist!”You think clubbing a puppy to death is bad? That’s racist!

We should not automatically be condemning any conflict between persons of different races as racist. And we should not be automatically accepting otherwise unacceptable behavior just because the perpetrator is a “person of color”. The race of a person is inconsequential. The culture is everything. I’m still awaiting the day when we judge someone by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. We still obsess over skin color.

We are told, and are supposed to blindly, unthinkingly accept, that “diversity” is desirable. Some go so far as to ridiculously declare that diversity is a strength. No one ever offers examples as proof.

Let me offer examples of diversity and you can decide whether the diversity was a good thing or a bad thing.

  • Quebec nearly seceded from Canada over language;
  • Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland;
  • Whites and American Indians;
  • Whites and blacks;
  • Bloods and Crips;
  • Genocide of Kurds in Iraq;
  • Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda;
  • Christians and Muslims;
  • Muslims and Jews;
  • Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims;

To save time, just do a Google search for “ethnic conflict”. It is amazing and appalling the degree to which peoples in conflict have more in common than with which they disagree. The divisions, though sometimes minor, are enough to result in armed conflict, in mass killings.

And officials want to bring more people of widely different cultures to live here in America?

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