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No Fly, No Buy

No-Fly, No-Buy is horrid legislation. But it is passed off as “common sense” by people (Democrats, news media) who know not what i does or just don’t give a shit about due process and the Constitution.

Guns Are Special

If someone beats a victim to death, we don’t blame the cudgel or the perpetrator’s boot. If he knifes someone, we do not blame the knife. But shoot someone with a gun and the call goes out for more gun control. The anti-rights folks have a very special antipathy for firearms. So much so that […]

“Natural Born Citizen”

The Term “natural born Citizen” is used only once in the Constitution, as opposed to “citizen” used in numerous places. In fact, in the entirety of U.S. Law, “natural born Citizen” appears in only one place — as a requirement to hold the position of President Of The United States.

Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

As a Constitutionalist, I’ve been asked for my take on the Malheur occipation. It was doomed from the start. Unconstitutional though it may be, the refuge, along with national parks, national forests, national “monuments”, national lands ad infinitum have been a part of U.S. history for more than two centuries. Very few of us even […]

Apple and the FBI

You may find this strange but I applaud Apple for their refusal to be compelled and chide them for not helping in the first place, resulting in a court order