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Photo taken from deck of Warren's home.

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I’ve watched a great many YouTube vids and noted that probably 2/3 of the people featured in videos mentioning ambidextrous controls or features include an “i” in ambidextrous (“ambidextrious”).

My Dream Life — Environmental Factors

I was rescued when a bunch of Brits lead by a David Niven-like character stormed the castle and found me curled up on the dungeon floor.

My Dream Life — The Maze

I have what I consider to be a very interesting dream life, compared to my wife and daughter, at least. Neither my wife nor daughter has anything quite like my own in terms of dream frequency or variety. My wife tells me I should keep a dream journal. Occasionally, I share a dream with wifey, […]

EOL Mikey

When Mikey, a West Highland White Terrier came to us, he was eight years old. He came from a family who were at the time living in a motel but who were preparing to move into a NO PETS apartment. Someone from Wifey’s church asked if we wanted to adopt and I caved. I had […]

Wifey’s New Explorer

The good news though is that even if the doors did not get locked, the car will throw a fit if there’s stranger danger.