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Build The Wall – Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The great vast majority of contries do not confer birthright citizenship. They don’t because it’s bad policy. We shouldn’t either and I believe the Fourteenth Amendment is being misused to confer citizenship erroneously to children born to non-American parents.

The Middle Ground

The Great Depression did not start with the stock market crash, it started with Smoot-Hawley. It started when government tried to “fix” the stock market crash recession (which was already largely over). … When you try to fix something you don’t understand, you’ll likely make things worse.

The Root of All Evil

After many weeks of floundering about, with an eclectic list of grievances and demands, someone has distilled the “Occupy” movement down to “a protest of corporate greed.” But, actually, it’s about entitlements. Every person there wants something and rather than going out and working for it, they are demanding it. They feel entitled.

A Mere Trifle

It’s astonishing how very little the Congress have and are addressing the actual budget problem. The latest proposal would cut just shy of a trillion dollars. Ooooh, saving almost a *trillion* dollars (over ten years). It’s a trifling amount in the overall FedGov budget (estimated at 3.82 trillion in 2011). A savings of 100 billion […]

Debt Talks

Lots of talking heads weighing in on the debt talks. I saw a John Stossel show a while back in which 6 different think tanks weighed in with proposed U.S. federal budgets. Only one (1) of them had as its objective to actually balance the budget! Some Big Wig Democrat, I didn’t catch his name, […]