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Photo taken from deck of Warren's home.

Posts from ‘August, 2014’

Awareness Did Not Occur

I have some military surplus ammo cans that I want to paint — just touching up or covering the original contents markings. So I set out looking for some olive drab spray paint. I checked both Wal-Mart and the local hardware store. Neither had it, but It did get interesting at the hardware store. Unable […]

The Good People Of Ferguson

If you see something wrong but say and do nothing to stop it, you are aiding the wrongdoers.

Solution To The “Redskins” Problem

I have a solution: keep the name but change the team mascots to sunburned, bikini-clad babes. No more “offense” to American Indians. More fetching logo.

Ferguson, MO

It’s amazing how many people in Ferguson, MO know that Michael Brown was murdered despite not having seen what happened. Note to the folks in Ferguson: smashing, looting and throwing Molotov cocktails is not a “protest”. That’s a riot.

From Americans For Responsible Solutions

They are so “civilized” that they refuse to defend civility or even civilization itself. And they don’t want you to do so either.