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The Coming Revolution

I predict that actors and actresses as we know them are about to become obsolete, going the way of printed newspapers, books and and magazines.

Hollywood, buh-bye.

Apple and the FBI

You may find this strange but I applaud Apple for their refusal to be compelled and chide them for not helping in the first place, resulting in a court order

Arms Trafficking

And, if the Obama administration has its way, for telling you this on the Internet, I’d be classified an Arms Trafficker and, lacking an export license, arrested and jailed for violating I.T.A.R, International Traffic in Arms Regulations. Just like a guy smuggling machine guns to jihadis.

When Guns Are Outlawed

It should come as no surprise then that when people decide to cobble together a gun in their basement or garage, it is usually a sub-machinegun. Easy peasy.

Third World Internet

1.4 Mbps is almost a T-1, which was great Internet decades ago. I can still remember the first time I hit 50 Kbps. These days I seem to have third world Internet.