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Posts from ‘November, 1990’

Hooray For The Deficit!

It is a measure of the mindset of the congress that many give-away programs are referred to as “entitlements” and letting the taxpayers keep some of their own money is an “expenditure.”

National Energy Policy

The Persian Gulf mess has got the statists in Washington, D.C. calling once again for a National Energy Policy (NEP). It behooves responsible citizens then to consider just what such a policy might entail. For starters, any NEP should not rely too heavily on any one energy source. Diversity is the key here. Oil, coal, […]

Bigots Or Greedy Opportunists?

The stereotype is a tool, no, make that a weapon, of the narrow-minded – the bigot. Bigots don’t care about the qualities of individuals; they’d rather put everyone into nice neat categories based on some superficial characteristic. Such as branding all Arizonans racist.