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Photo taken from deck of Warren's home.

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Trump’s “Sexual Assault”

And, of course, if he really did what he bragged about, and they let him, rather than rebuff his advances, then it was not assault at all. It was consensual.

Zero Tolerance

This fellow had to surrender his tie tack to security. Such cannot possibly be any less than an *actual* phobia.


I’ve watched a great many YouTube vids and noted that probably 2/3 of the people featured in videos mentioning ambidextrous controls or features include an “i” in ambidextrous (“ambidextrious”).

On “Diversity”

Skin color and race are superficial things. … Culture goes all the way to the bone.

Undocumented Illegal Immigrant Alien Foreigners

One illegal alien objected to “alien” because it made him feel like he was “from Mars” or some such — uncomfortable. Taking into mind the comfort of this illegal alien, maybe we should settle on “illegal foreigner”. On what grounds can anyone object to that?