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Posts from ‘March, 2008’

“Always Think Forfeiture”

If this wasn’t on the Federal Business Opportunities (federal government) web site, I’d think it was one of those Internet urban legends. No such luck. This is a link to an ATF order for 2000 Blue Leatherman Micra pocket tools. It wants them all engraved with “ATF-Asset Forfeiture” and “Always Think Forfeiture” See: Apparently, […]

Obama And Reverend Wright

Though shocking to whites, the number of blacks who believe the CIA / AIDS theory espoused by Rev. Wright is substantial. My theory is that Obama’s people didn’t think it was a problem because everyone knows it to be true.

“Reasonable Regulation” of Firearms

Courts have recognized that “reasonable regulation” of firearms is permissible. But can any regulation be “reasonable” if its effects are in fact detrimental? Has this ever been explored in court? Many, many laws and regulations are a net detriment to society. They may in fact successfully aid the intended beneficiaries and have the desired effect […]