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Guns Don’t Belong…

We hear all the time:

“Guns don’t belong in schools.”

“Guns don’t belong in hospitals.”

“Guns don’t belong in church.”

“Guns don’t belong in night clubs.”

The list of places where “guns don’t belong” is considerable. The problem is that “gun-free zones” make fine targets. Assailants will encounter little to no resistance. We the People are sitting ducks in places where “guns don’t belong.”

Anti-gunners are trying to provide Safety by Wishful Thinking. That is, they think that by posting signs, they can enforce a gun-free zone and we will be safe. Of course, signs don’t work. If signs did work, I’d have a “World Peace” billboard on my front lawn.

By posting a “No Guns” sign, they’re just assuring a would-be mass murderer of no opposition and a high body count. Whose side are these people on anyway?

Anti-gunners are quick and vociferous in their condemnation of the one person who had a gun but I have yet to see any hand wringing by the left over all the disarmed people who could not defend themselves. “Safety through defenselessness” is as silly as it sounds and yet this is their stock in trade.

If you want to make a list pf places where “guns don’t belong,” I suggest first making a list of places where it is absolutely impossible for violence to occur. And not just “gunviolence,” any violence, including the far more common kinds of violence. And the more uncommon. I once read about a person who went berserk with a saber on the Staten Island Ferry. I’m guessing there were no “No Sabers” signs. To listen to anti-gunners, you’d think that the only kind of violence there is is “gunviolence.”

When you have your list of places where people will never, ever have to defend themselves, let me know. Then we’ll talk.

Oh, and “Guns don’t belong in civilian hands because they aren’t trained.” But that’s a story for another day.


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