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Photo taken from deck of Warren's home.

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Wifey’s New Explorer

The good news though is that even if the doors did not get locked, the car will throw a fit if there’s stranger danger.

Very Rare

The recording said: “Current wait time is less than fifteen minutes. This is very rare and we apologize.”

Holster Leather

Galco is a company that makes holsters for firearms. In an article about them, the following was noted: Did you know that every year, Galco turns 886,000 square feet of leather into first-rate gun holsters? That’s about 20,000 cows. If you lined all those cows up, they would reach from PETA’s headquarters in Washington DC all […]

The Naked Eye

Re: the Pit Bull asteroid fly-by. The NBC Nightly News noted: “Even with a high-powered telescope, you won’t be able to see it with the naked eye.” I did not make that up.

Solution To The “Redskins” Problem

I have a solution: keep the name but change the team mascots to sunburned, bikini-clad babes. No more “offense” to American Indians. More fetching logo.