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Posts from ‘August, 2008’

The Racial Double Standard(s)

A recent poll showed Barack Obama polling 94 to 1 against John McCain among black voters. Wow. I had no idea McCain’s politics were that much different from Obama’s. McCain has always seemed to me to act more like a Democrat than many Democrats. Which is to say, there are really two Democrats running for […]

On Robin Hood

Robin Hood was not so much robbing “the rich” as he was robbing the government that had exploited working class people. He returned to them “that which had been unjustly taken from them.”

Global Warming & UFOs

Ask me if I “believe in UFOs” and I’ll reply, “Sure.” Ask me if I “believe in global warming” and I’ll again reply in the affirmative. The first response will brand me a kook to many people while the second will hold me in good stead amongst the majority of Americans. Unfortunately, they misunderstand. Many […]

That’s Not Change…

The Democratic National Convention is over, Barack Obama is the Democrat’s nominee and nothing much is changed. Democrats still want “rich” people to shoulder more of the tax burden. If I may quote Joe Biden, “That’s not change. That’s more of the same.” (Hint: rich people haven’t got enough money for your plans.)  Democrats still […]

Joe Biden’s Creed

Addressing the Democratic national Convention tonight, Joe Biden said: “My mother’s creed is the American creed. No one is better than you, everyone is your equal and everyone is equal to you.” Now Joe passed on this tidbit in order to make us believe that he believes this steaming pile of socialist folderol.  Really, Senator […]