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Posts from ‘June, 2014’

Even The NY Times Has Noticed

Police forces are becoming increasingly militarized. SWAT teams are dispatched for routine tasks. Local police everywhere are obtaining military equipment, equipment they will find a reason to use. Fun toys must be played with. Officers, the cooler ones, like to refer to themselves as “operators”. It is not a good trend. Even the New York […]

Texas Illegals Dumped In Arizona

Let them get a dose of Obama’s Chicago and they may head back to the border.

SCOTUS Flips On The Fifth

The Supreme Court Of the U.S. has turned the Fifth Amendment on its head.

Magazine Capacity Restrictions

California would like nothing better than that a gunsmith should be required to reload your rifle.

So We DO Negotiate With Terrorists

Bowe Bergdhal, who sounds like he left his post and may have given aid and comfort to America’s enemies, has been released in exchange for fiveĀ (5) Gitmo detainees. It sounds like we not only do negotiate with terrorists, we don’t even hide it any more.