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Posts from ‘May, 2011’

My Ford’s MS SYNC

The Ford Motor Company software, the MS software plus third party software with which it might interface is collectively referred to as “SOFTWARE” and any use of the SOFTWARE means I’ve “accepted” the license terms. I’m pretty sure that, just by driving my new truck home from the dealer, it used some of the SOFTWARE.

Facebook Farming II

My daughter went to Las Vegas for a couple of days leaving her MacBook Pro and her FaceBook farm for Wifey to tend. I promised to monitor things to ensure nothing withered on the vine or whatnot. Today I texted Daughter: “Levees broke. Farm under six feet of water. I blame FaceBook Corps of Engineers.” […]

TiVo Tales

My wife and I are TV junkies. I have seven TiVo DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), four of which have dual tuners. Lemme ‘splain. I have two HD TiVos, each of which has two tuners. On these two boxes, one records ABC and CBS, the other does NBC and Fox. With a separate tuner for each […]

Balancing The U.S. Federal Budget II

I’ve been reading a lot about bringing the spendthrift FedGov under control. In some circles it is fashionable to say that we have deficits because the “rich” don’t pay their “fair share.” Somewhere in my reading it was stated that if we increased the income tax rate for ALL taxpayers to 100% we would still […]

Never Seen This Before

This morning I removed the drive from the TiVo and when I shake it, I can hear the drive internals rattling. Probably a massive failure of the bearing(s). I’ve never seen a drive so badly damaged that it rattled.