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Photo taken from deck of Warren's home.

Posts from ‘February, 2012’

Playing A Zombie

Zombies seem to be almost as popular as vampires and werewolves. On the show Walking Dead a while back, they had some sort of promotion where people could apply to play a zombie on the show. That could be fun. I wonder though, does all that growling, moaning and other vocalizing that zombies do qualify […]

The Constitution As a Living Document

… the Constitution does not grant us rights; it only mentions a few of the more important ones explicitly, saying that they shall not be infringed. The rights exist whether or not the Constitution exists and cannot be infringed unless the Constitution specifically says they can.

A Made-up Mind

If I needed any confirmation that things were not going to get better, that was it.

Just Lazy?

Looking for a parking place at WalMart today, the first spot I might have taken was occupied by a shopping cart. The space immediately across the aisle also had a cart but it was sufficiently off to one side such that I could squeeze in. Now, the first space mentioned was immediately adjacent to the […]

Ho De Do

Most people appreciate having the door held. Some will thank me, some just nod. Older people seem the least surprised, non-whites the most surprised (I’m white.)