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Posts from ‘July, 2010’

FedGov Takes Over My TV

In the past, when a government agency felt it needed to communicate with me via my television, it ran a “crawler” across the bottom of my screen. While annoying, it was not overly intrusive. The recent change to this mechanism is unacceptable. Recently, this mechanism has changed. FedGov now takes over my TV receiver entirely. […]

Yet Another Federal Double Standard

A federal judge today issued a partial injunction blocking enforcement of Arizona’s new illegal alien law. FedGov suspects that some parts of this new law are unconstitutional and so has blocked enforcement until the matter is settled in the (federal) courts. Better safe than sorry, right? Now this is very strange since, when the States […]

The Firing of Shirley Sherrod

In the last few days, the Obama administration over-reacted to a video on the web and is blaming it on a blogger. The video showed Shirley Sherrod addressing the NAACP’s 2010 Freedom Fund Banquet. She related a story of how, years ago, she had not done all she could to help a “white” farmer. At […]

On Procrastination

(If I were a stand-up comic, this would be my bit on procrastination.) Been meaning to write this for years, finally got around to it. I’m a bit of a procrastinator. Let me amend that: I am quite the procrastinator. OK, OK, truth is, I’m a world-class procrastinator. There are few people on the face […]