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Posts from ‘February, 2009’

NBC News “Meltdown” Part 1

The problem that began with sub-prime loans has now spilled over into the rest of the mortgage market, as the economic downturn has led to massive lay-offs, with the result that many formerly credit-worthy people are now unemployed and cannot make their mortgage payments either.

So, the relatively small numbers of sub-prime loans that go bad, because the borrowers were not credit worthy to begin with, can bring down an entire world’s economy. We’ve proven that.

Rather than place blame on the politicians who required that loans be made to those who were not credit worthy, we blame the lenders themselves.

“Less” or “Fewer”

I have long held the view that our children cannot read and write well because they don’t read and write enough. Becoming proficient at anything requires practice. Lurking in the back of my mind I’ve also had the notion that we see far too many bad examples that we take as proper usage because they […]

Obama Doesn’t Get It

There was our new president on the news a couple of days ago providing a glimpse of the wonderful things he’s going to do to…, ummm, for the American people. He wants to ensure that every kid can go to college, that everyone has health care and — here’s the kicker —  “…that everyone who wants […]

Geeks and Nerds

A while ago, a friend introduced me to someone else and noted about me: “He’s a Mac nerd.” Naturally, I corrected him. It’s a common enough mistake — confusing geeks and nerds. This mistake is up there with not understanding the difference between “infer” and “imply.” So let me explain. Geekiness is knowledge-based, nerdiness is lifestyle-based. […]