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Posts from ‘May, 2015’

The Real Chris Kyle

I have neither seen the movie American Sniper nor read the book. Others, apparently, have and are reporting that Chris Kyle was not, as the movie portrays him, a Killing Machine With A Heart of Gold, haunted by his sad duty to assassinate enemies from afar. He was, rather, a sniper who enjoyed the killing […]

Cuckoo Timing

I’ve said it before: Wifey’s cuckoo clock is not a precision instrument. As I’ve been timing and adjusting it to get accurate timekeeping, it has behaved strangely. At one point, it was losing 0.3208 seconds per hour over 25 hours. Accordingly, I adjusted it to make it slightly faster but it lost .4413 seconds per […]

Cuckoo Clock Update

Wifey’s cuckoo clock is plugging along and I’m trying to get it to run at a speed as close to correct as I can. Out of the box, it was losing 35 seconds per hour. I’ve been adjusting it and had it down to 0.32 seconds per hour loss over 48 hours. Again increasing the […]

Ballistics Imaging Program Repealed in MD

“The signing of the bill is a victory for the industry as it brings to an end a decade-and-a-half-long experiment in crime lab technology that never worked, but that was embraced by gun control advocates.”


When I unpacked it, “Home Shopping Network” came to mind.