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The Stop Sign Tax

A remarkable thing happened the other day. I was driving home from the post office and when I stopped at the stop sign on Sixth Avenue, at the Elm Street intersection, there was a pedestrian crossing the street! He was crossing Sixth Avenue right in front of me. Really! I saw him with my own […]

Global Warming & UFOs

Ask me if I “believe in UFOs” and I’ll reply, “Sure.” Ask me if I “believe in global warming” and I’ll again reply in the affirmative. The first response will brand me a kook to many people while the second will hold me in good stead amongst the majority of Americans. Unfortunately, they misunderstand. Many […]

Solar Activity and Global Warming

As noted previously, the sun is the single greatest factor affecting Earth’s temperature. During one seventy-five year period, now called the Maunder Minimum (from 1645 to 1715), Sunspot activity virtually ceased and temperatures on Earth fell enough to cause a “Little Ice Age” of severely cold weather across Earth’s northern hemisphere. The winters were so […]

Global Warming Update

Written 2005-07-20 Those of you who’ve been reading my notes for a long time know that I’ve been a Global Warming Skeptic from the get-go. I can still remember in the mid-to-late ’70’s when scientists were saying we were about to enter a new Ice Age. A “computer model” is a tool used to make […]