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Posts from ‘July, 2014’

Sniper 101

Folks with a Hollywood education likely believe that snipers just buy a Big Rifle, attach a Big Scope, insert a Big Bullet then aim the crosshairs at the target (through a hole you cut in the hotel window with a glass cutter) and pull the trigger. It’s more complicated than that. There’s science involved, lots of science.

Israelis Head Into Gaza

In response to Hamas’ latest attacks, Israel is sending in their crack Israeli Defense Force.    

Gunshot Demographics

Abusers of firearms are easily identifiable demographically. Until we start addressing the cultural problem of that demographic, “gun violence” will continue.

“Israel’s War On Gaza”

“It all started when he hit me back!”

Policies Have Consequences

I am not amused by news agencies’ practice of labeling these people as “undocumented immigrants”. Sure. “There’s a mix up on your paperwork. Just give us a moment and you can be on your way.” Like maybe we lost their reservations.