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Photo taken from deck of Warren's home.

Posts from ‘September, 2015’

Islam and the Constitution

Not to be missed is the fact that electing leaders is prohibited by Islam.

Destroying History

Will the Washington Monument have to go? Should “Washington” be expunged from the name of our nation’s capital? He was, after all, a slave owner. How dare we let this monster’s name endure!

Ahmed Mohamed’s “Clock”

More importantly, if a student brought such a device to class and it exploded, would not school officials be blamed for not doing their jobs?!? So it didn’t explode. Why are we chastising officials for doing the job they would have been blamed for not doing it it had exploded?

On Accuracy

It is not the job of a gun to be accurate; that’s the shooter’s job. It is the job of the gun to be precise and repeatable.

Where Were You On 9/11?

Then the news announced that a second aircraft had flown into the World Trade Center and I spoke aloud, to no one in particular, “We’re under attack.”