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Photo taken from deck of Warren's home.

Posts from ‘April, 2011’

Facebook Farming

It is amazing to me the amount of time my wife and daughter spend on Facebook farming. The other day before we could go to do our grocery shopping, my wife delayed us so she could do some planting. I wish I could visit their farms at night to mutilate their cattle and leave crop […]

Ford Lost My Truck III

As of yesterday (April 27) I was told my truck would be here on Friday, April 29th. Tomorrow. Yay!  

Blast From The Past

From the Good Old Days of 2008 when the National Debt was only 9.5 trillion bucks… and I wrote: “… the Soviet Union collapsed because it could not afford to continue paying for all its pet projects…. This will be America’s undoing as well. The U.S. simply cannot afford all that we have committed to […]

Ford Lost My Truck II

I stopped by the Ford store and I was told that my truck is On The Way. It seems that FoMoCo has some sort of Quality Control program that involves pulling, randomly, three or four vehicles in a row off the end of the assembly line and subjecting them to a stem-to-stern inspection that is […]

“What Do We Got?”

I have some grammatical pet peeves. Pet Peeve 109: “What Do We Got?” I watch a lot of TV. American TV. I can hardly go one evening without hearing some dimwit character ask: “What do we got?” This is usually asked as the dimwit arrives at a crime scene. This is said by the uniformed […]