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Photo taken from deck of Warren's home.

Posts from ‘January, 2016’

Trump The Nationalist Pragmatist

Install Trump as America’s Trade Agreement Czar or some-such where he could see that we are not continually giving away the store. Work deals that bring jobs back to America. It would be a nice change from Obama’s Fire Sale Diplomacy (“All American respect must go!”)

(Mis)Handling Classified Material

That she deleted many emails instead of turning them over to DOJ is enough to send her to prison. That she instructed an assistant to remove the classification marking of a classified document before faxing it to a non-secure fax machine is, alone, enough to put her away.

Gun Control In Israel

Something I read today: Quote Many “illegal” guns have been stolen from the Israeli Army, due to notoriously sloppy security procedures.. Others are smuggled in. But, many more are actually manufactured by ingenious and resourceful local smiths in local, illegal shops. “Controlling” them, as noted above, is the exclusive province of naive fools! Israel’s real […]

Trump’s Support

The Donald’s support seems to be growing even as he continues to confound the Talking Heads who are accustomed to having their way with more timid candidates.

EOL Mikey

When Mikey, a West Highland White Terrier came to us, he was eight years old. He came from a family who were at the time living in a motel but who were preparing to move into a NO PETS apartment. Someone from Wifey’s church asked if we wanted to adopt and I caved. I had […]