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How The Left Is Advancing White Supremacy

This is a very good read.


The crux of it is here:

“One can teach against white supremacy by encouraging students to treat everyone as equal, or at least as individuals not defined in important ways by their race. Privilege theory does not allow for this approach. It demands that differences be front and center and that we always consider a person’s race in considering him. This focus on “valuing differences” over “the colorblind model” unlocked the door to the white supremacist revival that today’s anti-white rhetoric has kicked open.”

Despite being a much reviled “white male,” I’ve long held the view that race and skin color are the most superficial of traits; they do not make us who we are. With enough inter-racial breeding, I have opined, we’ll all be a beautiful tan color one day and then maybe we can get along, at least on racial lines. **

Race is nothing. Culture is everything. Yet, “progressives” continue to emphasize race above all else and insist on tribalizing us all. My concerns about immigration policy have nothing to do with the race of the immigrants and everything to do with the culture they bring to America. I believe that the American Dream is being destroyed. For me, it’s not a “white thing,” it’s an American thing. I really don’t want the USA to degenerate into just another socialist banana republic.

More and more, however, it seems that respecting the Constitution and Rule of Law is a “white thing.” There is a huge double standard with whites being held to higher standards than non-whites.

Like many whites, I feel no white guilt and did not benefit from white privilege. As a kid, I lived in a Chicago basement apartment that flooded when it rained too hard. I couldn’t afford college and joined the navy where I both served my country and learned valuable skills that then served me well during my civillian working career. I saved as much as I could and have a decent nest egg in retirement. My whiteness did not earn my navy promotions, my test scores did.

I did not benefit from my whiteness; if anything, it held me back as I worked for nearly three decades at a faciility where “native Americans” got preferential treatment in hiring and promotion (part of that double standard).

Now I’m being told that by virtue of having been born white, I’m guilty and privileged. I am, entirely by accident of birth, a white male and that makes me responsible for all the bad in the world. Further, I’m told that my kind must be eliminated to make things right. Well, that’s a good way to get me on the defensive.

Quoting the article:
“Young white men, reacting to social and educational constructs that paint them as the embodiment of historical evil, are fertile ground for white supremacists. They are very aware of the dichotomy between non-white culture, which must be valued at all times (even in the midst of terror attacks), and white culture, which must be criticized and devalued. They don’t like it.”

And thus it is that the “progressive” left is responsible for fueling the White Supremacist movement. Indeed, when the race war starts (and we are getting closer every day), where can I, as a white male turn? It will not matter to people of color that I bear them no ill will. I will not be able to remain neutral. I will be seen as enemy to persons of color. My “side” has been chosen for me by fate, by accident of birth, by the most superficial of traits. When the shooting starts, am I supposed to hope my side loses?

As the article noted: “From 2014 to 2015, the number of active Klu [sic] Klux Klan chapters in the United States grew from 72 to 190…” This increase is doubtless from more and more white males taking a defensive posture in the face of continuing attacks.

The left’s obsession with race and “racial equality” will be America’s undoing.

You want to solve America’s race problem? Here’s how.

First, stop lying to blacks and other people of color. For generations, the left has told them, “You are victims. The system is against you. You cannot get a fair deal. The cops are out to get you. You cannot make it on your own. You need our (Democrats’) help. ” And so on. Blacks have been told this for so long that they believe this instead of believing in themselves. Blacks, like everyone else, can make it, can do well. They just have to work for it. (Note: Read up on anti-Chinese laws. Compare and contrast how Chinese Americans are doing compared to black Americans. It is instructive.)

End Affirmative Action and all racial preference programs. Everywhere. They have not worked. All of my adult life has been lived in an Affirmative Action society and it has not helped. In fact, it creates more victims (not to mention resentment) than persons it helps. If you truly want an end to racial enmity, stop promoting policies that create it.

Start treating everyone as individuals, not as representatives of their specific races. Stop making white people responsible for things that occurred long before they were born or in which they had no part.

Most of what passes for “the legacy of slavery” is in fact the legacy of misbegotten social programs. It seems that the more we, as a society, try to *do something* to fix race relations, the worse they become. Maybe we should try color-blindness in governance.

The alternative is increased tribalism and hostility.

I found the linked article while investigating the “White Genocide” theory in response to that Drexel Professor that tweeted “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide.” <>

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