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Photo taken from deck of Warren's home.

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Did I Micro Aggress?

Yesterday, I was walking home from the clinic after having dropped off a “specimen” from my wife and I encountered three people coming the opposite direction on the narrow sidewalk. There were two Navajo young men (late teens – early 20s) followed by a younger girl. I stepped off the curb, giving them the sidewalk […]

How The Left Is Advancing White Supremacy

Race is nothing. Culture is everything. Yet, “progressives” continue to emphasize race above all else and insist on tribalizing us all….

Indeed, when the race war starts (and we are getting closer every day), where can I, as a white male turn? It will not matter to people of color that I bear them no ill will. I will not be able to remain neutral. I will be seen as enemy to persons of color. My “side” has been chosen for me by fate, by accident of birth, by the most superficial of traits.

Culture Is Everything

Culture is what our children are taught and experience. It is who we are.

What We Have Wrought

<> This is not “the legacy of slavery.” It is the legacy of social welfare programs that destroyed so very many black families and created an angry culture of dependency and victimhood.

Shame On Obama

We get a sheriff deputy in Texas shot in the back of the head after fueling his patrol car. Police are “still looking for a motive” since the two had never crossed paths. It seems clear to me that the perpetrator drank the “Black Lives Matter” Kool-Ade. He answered Farrakhan’s call.