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Photo taken from deck of Warren's home.

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Is Hillary Guilty?

If you can spare just two minutes, watch the start of this video. Then you be the judge as to whether or not Hillary broke the law and mshandled classified information. Now compare what Hillary did to the two case mentioned here.  

“Appointed For Life…”

I heard it on the news in the wake of Associate Justice Ginsburg’s public comments on Donald Trump that “Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life…” Like much promulgated by the mainstream news media, it is not true. The Constitution says: “The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during […]

The Gun Culture

And the Gun Culture mourns more than most people when a Bad Guy guns down an innocent because we know that people like Hillary will blame us and use it to further erode this constitutionally protected right.

Hillary Vows To Change Gun Culture

Using an automobile for a drive-by shooting does not make gangsters members of the car culture. Simply owning or using a gun does not make one part of the gun culture.

“Natural Born Citizen”

The Term “natural born Citizen” is used only once in the Constitution, as opposed to “citizen” used in numerous places. In fact, in the entirety of U.S. Law, “natural born Citizen” appears in only one place — as a requirement to hold the position of President Of The United States.