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Debt Talks

Lots of talking heads weighing in on the debt talks.

I saw a John Stossel show a while back in which 6 different think tanks weighed in with proposed U.S. federal budgets. Only one (1) of them had as its objective to actually balance the budget!

Some Big Wig Democrat, I didn’t catch his name, said we needed a “manageable deficit.” He saw no problem with continuing to borrow, he just wanted to borrow somewhat less. After all, we’re only fourteen trillion bucks in debt.

Bill Mahr (idiot) was just on Piers Morgan saying “America is arguing over whether to pay its bills!”

Sheesh. Hey, Bill! America is arguing over whether to borrow more money! America can pay its debts just fine with the income FedGov gets now. What it cannot do is pay its debts AND expand social programs to the extend Obama wants to do.

If the debt ceiling is not raised, America will default only if the Obama administration chooses to default. It can choose to pay America’s bills or it can choose to give 43,000,000 more people free health care.

We’ve gone from a national debt of less than 1 trillion in 1980 to more than 14 trillion in debt today. Some people see no problem with that and want to borrow even more. They want to spend today and let our children and grandchildren pay for it later.

Every time one of the talking heads relates how much they’ve proposed cutting spending in the latest proposal, it’s like 1.xx trillion OVER THE NEXT TEN YEARS. in other words, a trifle.

A trillion here, a trillion there, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.

Are congressional Democrats in lock-step with Obama? All the news coverage talks about whether Obama can get a deal with Republican leaders.


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