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A Mere Trifle

It’s astonishing how very little the Congress have and are addressing the actual budget problem. The latest proposal would cut just shy of a trillion dollars.

Ooooh, saving almost a *trillion* dollars (over ten years). It’s a trifling amount in the overall FedGov budget (estimated at 3.82 trillion in 2011). A savings of 100 billion a year. So next year’s deficit will be 1.4 trillion instead of 1.5 trillion. If all goes according to plan. Clearly, no one is serious about addressing the deficit problem.

When Republicans wanted to include a mandatory Balanced Budget Amendment, the Senate Majority Leader said it was the “most outrageous idea” put forth so far. Gawd forbid we live within our means.

Ultimately, the solution, the reform, will not, cannot come from within Congress. It must come from without: <> It is not just the right but the DUTY of the states to enforce the Constitution when the federal government exceeds its delegated authority.

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