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Islam and the Constitution

Ben Carson was asked whether or not he believes that Islam is “consistent with the Constitution”. He answered, “No, it is not”.

He is, of course, correct but is being taken to task by people who have morphed the question into whether or not Islam is Constitutional, an entirely different question.

Is Islam consistent with the Constitution? You decide.

The Constitution embraces a Democratic Republic, Islam is a theocracy.

The Constitution is about rule of law; Islam is about rule of man (clerics).

The Constitution permits multitudes of religions; Islam will permit only one. Make that “mandates”. The Constitution permits people to have no religion at all; Islam does not.

And, not to be missed is the fact that electing leaders is prohibited by Islam. Muslims are ruled by whomever can best convince people that he has a direct pipeline to God and is God’s spokesman on Earth. Every act of Muslims, be they mundane or horrific, is the will of God.

So, is Islam “consistent with the Constitution”?

It occurs to me that Islam is like Communism in that its followers love the Constitution and insist upon their “Constitutional Rights” — right up until Muslims (or Communists) gain power. Then The Constitution, as well as other forms of representative government, are impediments and have to be eliminated.

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