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(Mis)Handling Classified Material

It’s just a matter of time before Hillary must be indicted, if the law means anything at all in this country.

The DOJ is hard on those who mishandle classified material. Quoting an article on that subject: “The Obama Department of Justice prosecuted a young sailor for espionage for sending a selfie to his girlfriend, because in the background of the photo was a view of a sonar screen on a submarine. It prosecuted a heroic Marine for espionage for warning his superiors of the presence of an al Qaeda operative in police garb inside an American encampment in Afghanistan, because he used a Gmail account to send the warning.

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From the get-go, Hillary’s statement that no one ever sent her classified email was nonsense. She simply has no control over what someone might send her. She may as well claim that her server never received spam email. That’s as likely as no one ever sending her sensitive, classified email.

That she deleted many emails instead of turning them over to DOJ is enough to send her to prison. That she instructed an assistant to remove the classification marking of a classified document before faxing it to a non-secure fax machine is, alone, enough to put her away. They’re now up to 1,300 classified emails recovered from her server. What’s it gonna take?

Where’s that indictment, fellas?

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