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Shame On Obama

Shame on the USA’s “first black president” (I don’t count Bill Clinton.)

One would think that a Barack Obama presidency would inevitably result in a serious dialogue on race, if not in his first term then surely in his second. Instead we have seen a president who perpetuates the problem rather than trying to fix it. Which is about what I expected from a “community organizer” whose job it was to sow disaffection, perpetuating the victim ideology of blacks and, of course, to blame whitey.

Much of America’s black community is afflicted by debilitating cultural values, all of which can be blamed on “the legacy of slavery”, we are told. Illegitimate children? — “the legacy of slavery”. High black unemployment? — “the legacy of slavery”. Children growing up without fathers? — “the legacy of slavery”. Extreme rates of black-on-black crime? — “the legacy of slavery”.

Even after generations of Affirmative Action, “the legacy of slavery” is keeping many blacks in a permanent underclass.

And I suppose that much of the black cultural problem is in fact a legacy of slavery, just not in the way most people understand. Actually, most people don’t understand how the legacy of slavery keeps black people down, they just take it for granted, unable to argue against the idea because they have given it zero thought or, afraid to argue against it for fear of being labeled a racist.

As a result of slavery, did white guilt concoct social welfare programs that cuckolded the black male, making fathers unnecessary as providers? Yes. Did this create single-parent households lacking a role model for boys and result in children far more likely to turn to gangs and crime than children growing up in two-parent households? Yes, indeed.

Did white guilt teach black people that they are victims, that the system is against them and that they cannot make it on their own? Yes, yes and yes. Have government policies born of white guilt over slavery contributed to the destruction of black cultural values? Absolutely. Does President Obama, surely an intelligent man, recognize this? Of course. And what is he doing about it?

More of the same. Piling on, actually. It’s all part of the fundamental change he wants for America. Before America can be built into the Socialist Peoples’ Paradise he and his leftist buddies envision, America must first be destroyed.

So, rather than have a serious talk about the breakdown of the black family unit, what contributed to it, and how to fix it, we get more “blame whitey”. It’s part of the destruction that must precede the rebuilding.

Rather than address the serious cultural values deficiency that makes women “hoes” and “bitches”, we get … silence.

Rather than stem the flow of illegal aliens taking the jobs needed by low-skill black youth, we get calls for amnesty and a “path to citizenship” for these people who began their relationship with the USA by violating its laws.

Instead, we get “Black Lives Matter”, a racist group premised on the notion that the biggest problem for black people is that the police routinely and without provocation kill innocent black folks.

When Michael Brown, strong-arm thug in Ferguson, Missouri, was killed by an officer whose gun Brown was trying to wrest from him, Obama sent his Justice Department to investigate, hoping, I’m sure, to find fault on the part of the officer. Failing that, Obama had to settle for “institutional racism”. Not a word about Ferguson’s blacks committing crimes at a much higher rate than its whites, only that blacks are arrested disproportionately, obviously due to racism.

Instead, we get black “leaders” calling for blacks to kill the police. We get Louis Farrakhan telling his followers: “Kill those who kill us. Stalk them and kill them.” He wants ten thousand brave men out of a million who are willing to sacrifice themselves by “killing those who kill us”.

Instead we get two (minority) cops gunned down in their car in Brooklyn, New York and another shot in the back of the head in Queens.

We get a sheriff deputy in Texas shot in the back of the head after fueling his patrol car. Police are “still looking for a motive” since the two had never crossed paths. It seems clear to me that the perpetrator drank the “Black Lives Matter” Kool-Ade. He answered Farrakhan’s call.

And what has Obama done? He seems to have tacitly approved the Black Lives Matter movement, enabling more of the same.

If you’re thinking “Shame on Obama” for squandering this opportunity for a serious discussion of race in America, forget about it. A serious discussion of race in America was never to be. The Alinsky-schooled Obama sees things going well, fundamentally changing America in just the way he and his leftist tutors intended.

Besides, he probably didn’t want to miss his tee time.

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