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Photo taken from deck of Warren's home.

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One Chapter Challenge

Far too often, our current immigration policy brings us people from misogynistic cultures where rape, including child rape, incest and gang rape are common and tolerated, even expected. When, inevitably, rape happens among such people we have allowed into our country, Politically Correct defense attorneys make “cultural differences” excuses and courts actually fall for it, letting perpetrators off with a slap on the wrist for gang rape.

The Race-Baiting Muslim Calls For More Murder

Certainly, Louis must be aware that most murdered black people are murdered by other blacks. So he appears to be calling for … more of the same? He wants more murdered black men?!?

History Is Written By The Victors

In the American “Civil War”, the wrong side won. … the damage Lincoln did to the Constitution is irreparable

Black Lives Matter

If his life mattered, why would a black man attack and attempt to disarm a police officer? Surely, there are foreseeable risks. Did he not care if he lived or died?

The Good People Of Ferguson

If you see something wrong but say and do nothing to stop it, you are aiding the wrongdoers.