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One Chapter Challenge

Imagine that the U.S. Department of Agriculture were importing salmonella-laced food in order to let Americans enjoy the full panoply of cuisines from around the world. Throw in some bird flu chickens, a bit of Mad Cow. Yum.

And suppose too that the Consumer Product Safety Commission not only allowed but sought out toys with lead-based paint and small parts upon which infants might choke, just so kids could be exposed to the full range of experiences from around the world.

While we’re at at, let’s import motor vehicles cobbled together from bicycles, washing machine parts and whatever else can be found on scrap heaps of third world countries. We’d be appalled. We’d demand heads on a platter! The job of the government is to protect us from such things, isn’t it?

And yet we import defective immigrants from all over. It’s been policy since 1965 and continues today. It’s taking its toll.

Shouldn’t we be importing immigrants that make America better? Shouldn’t that be Job One of America’s immigration policy? Why then are we importing massive numbers of people from backwards countries, people with nothing to offer, people that harm America?

I can feel the ground tremble as all those knees jerk reflexively (He’s a racist!) but I assure you that I’m against clubbing puppies to death even by white immigrants. Or white Americans, for that matter. I’m four-square against any clubbing of puppies, unlike the Humane Society whose spokesman came down on the side of the immigrant clubber, saying that people objecting to animal sacrifice are racists. I’m guessing that instead of objecting to the clubber’s practice, we need to “respect his culture.”

In his defense, the immigrant that clubbed the puppy to death explained that his wife was sick and he had tried all the usual cures the shaman recommended, including burning currency, and his wife was still sick. (Imagine that!) It was time for an animal sacrifice. No quick throat slitting would do, a baseball bat was employed. Neighbors noticed.

“Respect his culture”? Hogwash. His culture has no place in the USA. Kids should read about his culture in their Social Studies texts, not observe it in their neighbor’s back yard.

There are citations for this event and far too many other outrageous incidents in Ann Coulter’s latest book, “¡Adios, America!” (At the mention of “Ann Coulter”, there were no doubt more knees jerking uncontrollably.) If you think that America’s immigration policy is not destroying the country, I challenge you to read just one chapter of “¡Adios, America!“. The iBooks store at Apple makes the first few chapters available free as a sample. Perhaps Kindle does as well. After The Donald made his remarks about illegal aliens, I decided to look into it a bit myself and found Coulter’s book. I couldn’t put it down. My blood boiled. It’s a problem that’s way, way beyond “Press one for English“.

Read the book to find out why Ann Coulter says that the (first) World Trade Center bombing was committed by “two farmers, a student and a tourist“. (Oh, and all four were in the country illegally, using our own system against us.)

Officials tell us that we somehow benefit from having such people here due to the “diversity” they bring. Diversity is not a good thing. Diversity divides. What made America great was not the diversity we gained from immigrants in the past but that they came here to be Americans. They embraced the American Dream, worked hard, supported the Constitution, learned English and had something to offer. They assimilated and became part of a greater whole. What made America great is what we had in common. The differences we tolerated, because tolerance is one thing we share. But it is insane to tolerate everything.

Primitive peoples from a tribal culture do not come here to be Americans, they come here and game the system. They live in enclaves of their own culture, perpetuating that culture, committing crimes far out of proportion to their numbers (compared to Americans) and taxpayers foot the bill. Such people have nothing to offer and should not even be in the country.

Far too often, our current immigration policy brings us people from misogynistic cultures where rape, including child rape, incest and gang rape are common and tolerated, even expected. When, inevitably, rape happens among such people we have allowed into our country, Politically Correct defense attorneys make “cultural differences” excuses and courts actually fall for it, letting perpetrators off with a slap on the wrist — for gang rape!

I’ll say it again: such cultures have no place in America. The goal of “diversity” will reduce America to a third world country of warring tribes with a standard of living to match.

Go ahead and read the free sample of Coulter’s book.

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