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Constitution 101

Everything that we as a country know about the constitution is based on the fallacy that the federal judiciary was granted, by the states, the power to rule on what is and is not constitutional. This power is not granted in the Constitution.

Islam and the Constitution

Not to be missed is the fact that electing leaders is prohibited by Islam.

SCOTUS Flips On The Fifth

The Supreme Court Of the U.S. has turned the Fifth Amendment on its head.

The Upside-Down Constitution

It strikes me as most strange that, in a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”, as Lincoln described it, the most powerful branch of government is not accountable to the people — or anyone else!

U.N. Small Arms Treaty

Two items much in the news these days are: 1) The rebels in Syria trying to bring down the dictator, Assad; 2) The U.N. Small Arms Control Treaty. The Syrians rebels (we’re all pulling for them, right?) have been saying for months that they need more weapons, more ammo. They’re having to make their own […]