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The terrorism, beheadings, burning people alive and other atrocities by Muslims are often attributed to “radical” elements. It’s these “radical” Muslims who are attracted to groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda, the mainstream media say.

Christians have a radical element too, I’m told. “There’s the Westboro Baptist Church and people who kill abortion clinic doctors in the name of Christianity. And what about the Crusades? Have you forgotten the Crusades?“, I’m asked. No, of course not.

Let’s ignore that the Crusades were started as retaliation against Muslims for the slaughter of Christians and let’s look at what they did. Crusaders killed Muslims and Jews indiscriminately. In so doing, they were not following the teachings of Christ. The spiritual leader of the Christian religion taught love, acceptance and forgiveness. Jesus taught his followers that if they should be struck on the cheek because of their beliefs, they should turn the other cheek. The Crusaders may have been Christian in name, but they were not following Christ’s teachings. Far from it. WWJD? It wouldn’t have been a crusade such as that ordered by the Pope.

Contrast that with what Muslims are taught. WWMD? (What Would Muhammad Do?) The prophet Muhammad taught jihad. After belief itself, the number one duty of Muslims is Jihad. The duty of jihad exists until there is universal Muslim domination. It’s right there in the Koran or Qur’an or whatever. To not wage jihad is to be an apostate.

The Muslims of ISIS are not “radical”, they are simply devout and following the commandments of Muhammad and the Koran. Their goal is to impose Sharia law and a world-wide caliphate where all are Muslim or under Muslim domination. This is the essence of Islam. This is what the Koran teaches. No fewer than 120 verses in the Koran exhort believers to jihad.

Islam has religious, military, legal, economic, political and social components. Is is a totalitarian system and immensely inconsistent with a constitutional republic. (Some people say that Islam is not a religion at all, but a murderous cult in a religious guise.) And its goals are what the vast majority of Muslims want. To be Muslim is to want these things. After all, it is a commandment from Allah.

Muslims may not take as friends any person who is an infidel, not even a family member. Islam comes first in a Muslim’s life, as commanded by Muhammad.

Muhammad also taught deception in the furtherance of Islam. If, as a Muslim, you fear persecution, you may claim that you are not Muslim as long as, in your heart, you remain a believer. You can even claim to be a Christian, attending Christian worship services as long as you are a true believer. When finally it is safe to reveal your true faith, then do so.

Muhammad also taught that. in war, it is permissible, when in a position of weakness, to make treaties with the infidels to gain time, regroup and grow stronger. When the treaty no longer serves Islam’s purposes, break the treaty and once again use force to assert Islam’s goals. This is another aspect of Islam’s inherent deception.

Some people will tell you that Muslim deception, “taqiyya”, is limited to cases of religious persecution. This is further deception designed to hide their deception.

Allah himself is often described in the Koran as the “best deceiver” or “schemer.” (see 3:54, 8:30, 10:21). To be deceptive is to emulate God Himself.

One of the ways to wage jihad is to infiltrate an area and peaceably live among the infidels, growing in numbers, gathering strength until Muslims are numerous enough to exert force and dominate. Recent history seems to show that when Muslims reach 6-7% of a given population, they start agitating for Sharia and other “rights”. The vast majority of ordinary Muslims want the same thing Muslim terrorists want, Sharia law and Muslim domination. They’re just going about getting it another way, pretending to be happy to associate with infidels until such time as it is no longer necessary to deceive.

I recently viewed this video and noted that it concluded that there are nearly 500,000 “radical” Muslims in the USA. Their definition of “radical” has to do with whether or not Muslims want Sharia law, a world-wide caliphate and so on.

Critics of “radical” Muslims or those claiming that Muslims within the US are not a threat, not “terrorists” or “radical” are both missing the point. A better criterion, do these Muslims share the terrorists’ goals? What percentage of any Muslim population wants to institute Sharia law? Which of them want a world-wide caliphate? A substantial number do want these things, the same as ISIS and other murderous Muslims. Many support “honor” killings of women. Most want cartoonists who draw Muhammad prosecuted. Islam has many attributes that just do not comport well with free societies, with America.

How “radical” Muslims appear to be outwardly does not matter, regardless of what definition of “radical” you use. What counts is where their sympathies lie. And are you going to take their word for anything, knowing that deception is part of their way to further Islam?

When the fighting starts, on whose side will that nice, peaceful, non-terrorist, non-radical Muslim family next door be? Do you seriously believe that they will stand against their Muslim brethren and defend their infidel neighbors (in defiance of the Prophet’s commandments)? We’ve seen time and again that Muslims and infidels live side by side, seemingly peaceably, but when ISIS arrives, the Muslims are the first to point out their infidel neighbors.

We err when we say that ISIS is a “radical” element of Islam. No, they are the true believers. They are the ones actually following Muhammed’s instructions. They’re simply following the teachings of their spiritual leader.

You don’t have to be a “radical”, murderous Muslim to be Bad For America. I am of the opinion that anyone, be he Muslim or not, that espouses a totalitarian system of governance is bad for America. Stoning is the accepted punishment for adultry and is supported by a vast majority of Muslims. Certain Muslim practices and belief are antithetical to America as are practices of other cultures as well.

Europe is lost. I don’t think they can stop a Muslim takeover. England may be as well. But it’s not too late for America. We just have to stop importing people who want to impose a totalitarian regime out of the Middle Ages.

Now, I’m certain that any number of people who read this will be thinking “Islamophobia!” Nonsense. Such people have lost track of what a phobia is: an unreasoning, irrational fear of something. I have set forth my reasoning for being skeptical of Muslims. And any reservations I have about Muslims is not to say that any particular Muslim will send me running to the safety of my home. I have no phobia, just a healthy skepticism and a desire not to see America turned into a collection of warring tribes.

Feel free to rant now.

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