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The Myth of Radical Muslims

Once the world realized that the San Bernardino terrorists were Muslim, the question was: did she radicalize him or did he radicalize her? More recently, we were told that both shooters had been radicalized for quite some time. Now we learn that both were “radicalized” when they met and married. The problem is, neither of these Muslims was radical. They were simply devout.

Would we call a Christian who followed the teachings of Jesus Christ and emulated his behavior a “radical” Christian? If someone loved his neighbors as himself, were charitable, loving, accepting of others and forgiving, turning the other cheek if someone assaults him over his beliefs, is that person a “radical” Christian? Hardly. We would likely call him or her a good Christian, a devout Christian, a Christian who walked the walk, not just talked the talk.

Then why do we brand Muslims who follow the teachings of and emulate the behavior of their spiritual leader “radicals”? Are they not simply devout?

The most important duty of any Muslim, after belief itself, is jihad — struggle. Against what is this struggle you ask? Infidels. Against any and every non-Muslim.

The duty of jihad exists until there is a world-wide caliphate, that is, until Islam dominates all. Either everyone must be Muslim or be living under the domination of Islam. So, every Muslim who follows the teachings of the prophet is engaged in jihad in one way or another.

“Jihad” does not mean, as many believe, “war”. Jihad is struggle, a struggle to advance Islam, to achieve a world-wide caliphate. Islam comes before family, before anything else. It is the most important duty of a Muslim. To not wage jihad is to be an apostate. This is the essence of Islam. This is what the Koran teaches. No fewer than 120 verses in the Koran exhort believers to jihad.

Some Muslims wage a scorched earth type of jihad, as does ISIS, as did the San Bernardino shooters, as did the Paris attackers.

Another way to overcome the infidels is to infiltrate an area and peaceably live among them, gathering strength until Muslims are numerous enough to exert force and dominate. Recent history seems to show that when Muslims reach 6-7% of a given population, they start agitating for Sharia and other “rights”. The vast majority of ordinary Muslims want the same thing Muslim terrorists want. They’re just going about getting it another way.

They are every bit as much a threat as is ISIS, perhaps more so because they disguise their true goals and we dismiss them as non-threatening because they appear to be non-violent. And we let them into our countries.

To say that most Muslims within the US are not “terrorists” or “radical” is to miss the point. The more important question is, do they share the terrorists’ goals? What percentage of any Muslim population wants to institute Sharia law? Which of them want a world-wide caliphate? The majority of Muslims do want these things, the same as ISIS and murderous (“radical”) Muslims. To be Muslim is to want Sharia and a world-wide caliphate. After all, it is a commandment from Allah.

The female San Bernardino shooter had pledged her allegiance to the leader of ISIS, “whose goals she shared“, the news media tell us. What they don’t tell us is that most Muslims share these goals. They may not be using the same methods as ISIS, but they share their goals.

Muslims may not take as friends any person who is an infidel, not even a family member. Islam comes first in a Muslim’s life, as commanded by Muhammad. “What of all the peaceful Muslims?”, you ask.

Muhammad also taught deception in the furtherance of Islam. If, as a Muslim, you fear persecution, you may claim that you are not Muslim as long as, in your heart, you remain a believer. You can even claim to be a Christian, attending Christian worship services as long as you are a true believer. Muslims can pledge allegiance to the American flag, take oaths of office swearing to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution. When finally it is safe to reveal their true faith, then they will do so.

Muhammad also taught that it is permissible, when in a position of weakness, to make treaties with the infidels to gain time and their trust and while they have their guard down, regroup and grow stronger. When the treaty no longer serves Islam’s purposes, break the treaty and once again use force to assert Islam’s goals. This is another aspect of Islam’s inherent deception.

Some people will tell you that Muslim deception, “taqiyya”, is limited to cases of religious persecution. This is further deception designed to hide their deception. To be deceptive in the furtherance of Islam is accepted, even encouraged.

Allah himself is often described in the Koran as the “best deceiver” or “schemer”. To be deceptive is to emulate God Himself.

The bottom line us that the nice, peaceful, cooperative Muslim that you know may actually be a nice, peaceful, cooperative Muslim or he might actually be hiding his true allegiance, the better to infiltrate the structures he considers enemies — jihad by other than violent means.

But you don’t need to take my word for it, or that of Muslims. Look at what they do. Look at history. Get to know the Koran. Learn about the life of Muhammad, read his words, study what he did. Decide for yourself whether Muslims can be trusted.

Personally, I’m coming around to the belief that Islam is not a religion at all. It is a murderous cult in a religious guise that was created by a conquering warlord during the Dark Ages.

If a right-wing militia in the USA, The Holy Warriors, invoked God’s name each time they attacked, if they said they were just following His orders in striking at the secular government, if they prayed regularly, would we call them a religion? Heck, their leader, the High Poobah, has God’s ear and talks to God regularly. He told us so. Must be a religion. Right?

What, really, makes Islam a religion? If it is a religion, it is not just a religion or even primarily a religion.

In addition to religious aspects Islam has military, legal, economic, political and social components. It’s a totalitarian system of government. Mix in some praying and invoking of God’s name and you have a religion? I don’t think so. It is more like a cult.

If Islam is a religion, it is not a peaceful one as Muslims would have you believe. Yes, they seek peace, the peace of a world-wide caliphate. And some of them are willing to kill those who stand in the way of achieving this goal. But all share that goal. It is part of what it means to be Muslim.

And, how “peaceful”, really, can a religion be if its adherents will kill someone for merely penning a drawing of their spiritual leader?

So, how “radicalized” a Muslim may appear outwardly doesn’t matter. What counts is where their sympathies lie.

When the fighting starts, on whose side will that nice, peaceful, non-terrorist, non-radical Muslim family next door be? Do you seriously believe that they will stand against their Muslim brethren and defend their infidel neighbors (in defiance of the Prophet’s commandments)? We have seen what happens as ISIS advances into areas where Muslims and infidels have been living “in peace”. The peaceful Muslims are quick to point out their Christian or infidel neighbors to ISIS troops.

You don’t have to be a “radical”, murderous Muslim to be Bad For America. Sure, there are Muslims who will casually lop off someone’s head to instill fear in others, or engage in mass shootings, but we err in ignoring the ostensibly peaceful Muslims, for they are the infiltrators.

Europe is lost. I don’t think they can stop a Muslim takeover. England may be as well. But it’s not too late for America. We just have to stop importing people who want to impose a totalitarian regime from the Dark Ages.

Donald Trump has caught flack aplenty for saying that we should not allow Muslims into the USA. Many have opined that to prevent people from entering on the basis of religion would be unconstitutional. Nonsense. President Trump could simply issue an executive order barring Muslims. That is, use the Obama method to get around that dusty old Constitution.

Personally, I think the federal government should issue a ruling that Islam is not a religion at all but a cult. Declare Islam a terrorist organization.

No country should be willing to take in those whose cultures are anathema to their own. Not in the name of tolerance, not in the name of multiculturalism. Certainly there is no obligation to host people who wish you ill. To aid your enemy is folly. And make no mistake: Islam is the enemy of every other religion, of every other culture.

It is national suicide to invite Muslims into a non-Muslim country. But religion is not the issue; culture is.

Culture is everything. People coming from countries where Islam predominates are more likely than other immigrants to have cultural values that are destructive to America. I’m a very tolerant person, but we should not tolerate everything. We should not be allowing in people who believe that stoning is the appropriate punishment for a woman who commits adultery. We should not accept people whose culture endorses “honor killing”.

America is simply committing national suicide by importing defective immigrants who do not share American values and have nothing positive to offer. We should not be importing misogynists who want to impose a 7th century theocracy. Such are not compatible with American values.

We err when we say that ISIS is a “radical” element of Islam or that terrorists are “radicalized”. No, they aren’t radicalized, they are the true believers. They are the ones actually following Muhammed’s instructions, emulating his actions when he lived: conquer and subjugate.

There are no “radical” Muslims. There are just Muslims, most of whom want Islam to rule the world. “Peaceful” Muslims are either apostate or waging jihad by other means. A world-wide caliphate is the goal. We trust them at our peril.

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